Student Reviews

“I started voice lessons with Sydney at the beginning of my senior year (2017) with the intent of improving my technique, mostly for theatre in high-school. I wanted to develop a stronger musical theatre voice and establish good habits for singing my own songs (as I am a songwriter). As a singer of a rock-band, I wanted to improve my vocals but not entirely develop a “theatrical voice.” Sydney created a vocal lesson approach that was specific to my voice and my needs. Sydney helped me visualize proper singing techniques and got rid of detrimental ones that were straining my voice. But what I enjoyed most about our lessons was that I developed a sense of comfortability with Sydney as friend as well as a mentor. By the time I went to college, my confidence and technique had grown tremendously and I left with my own set of vocal exercises and practice methods. I would highly recommend lessons with Sydney for anyone, from casual singers to those who are serious about pursuing voice as a career choice.”

Kyle O.